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This is a first year project in Polytech'Tours .
Realized alone in C with GTK + library.

The purpose of this project was to manage:
- Products (with their prices, quantities, taxes imposed on it ...)
- Customers (who buy in quantity n, who want invoices ...)
- Operators (they are the ones who make sales of products to customers).

Operators had an account with a password, one encrypted to prevent identity theft.

Sales to Customers are realized through a User-Friendly interface and send Output: An estimate.

An estimate can be changed, delete, save and come back later or, turn into something definitive: An invoice.

The program should also be able to print invoices for customers.

The code compiled with gcc and strict options:
-std=c89 forcing the code has complied with the standards of C89.
with the -Wall option which turns every warning in error.
with the option -Wstrict-prototypes requiring all types to each case.
with the -pedantic option that prevents the use of extension prohibited.
Valgrind check very carefully that there is no memory leak in the program.

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