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DuinOS et Application

This project was carried out in tandem with Christophe Forycki

The aim of our project was to set up a real-time operating system on Arduino Mega 2560 and to achieve an application to demonstrate the value of real time.

In terms of system usage, we chose to install DuinOS

We also made a tutorial to facilitate the installation of other people, our tutorial is obviously: multiplatform.

In terms of our application, we declare two tasks: one for the LED connected to the output 9, and another for the output 7. The first task is to flash the LED associated with a period of 1 second. When two flashes are made, then the second task will be awake.

The second task in turn, led flashes her with two different periods. It begins with a period of 50 milliseconds for 10 flashes and 15 flashes with a period of 20 milliseconds.

Once these 25 flashes made the task even puts her on hold.

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